Starlink Kits Get Price Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa

A significant price drop for Starlink satellite internet kits in Sub-Saharan Africa is on the horizon, courtesy of Starsat Africa. Through bulk buying discounts from SpaceX, the importer plans to lower the price by up to 20% in an effort to make the service more affordable and competitive in the region. This adjustment will see prices dropping from R14,999 to roughly R12,000 to R13,000.

Starsat Africa, the Mozambique-based satellite internet kit importer, is poised to make the SpaceX’s Starlink service more affordable for customers in 17 Sub-Saharan African countries. Thanks to reductions from SpaceX for bulk purchases, Starsat Africa is looking forward to aligning its pricing structure with that of the United States and the United Kingdom. The initiative reflects a strategy to enhance internet accessibility across the continent. Despite a current backlog, the firm anticipates faster delivery times soon. Nevertheless, it also acknowledges ongoing regulatory hurdles in Southern Africa, where Starlink’s legality is questioned.

The revised pricing will place Starlink’s satellite kits within a more competitive range compared to both local and international markets, aiming to bridge the connectivity gap in areas where internet services are traditionally unreliable or unavailable. Despite this exciting development, Starsat Africa is currently navigating a significant order backlog but expects to resolve this issue by March. As part of its customer service promise, it offers a two-year warranty and expedited delivery options.

Additionally, Starsat Africa customers must adhere to a three-month period of service from the reseller before acquiring full control of their accounts. This policy aims to enforce account stability within the early stages of use. The price cut initiative is also seen as a response to the diverse regulatory challenges faced by SpaceX’s Starlink, which operates in a legal grey area within many Sub-Saharan nations. The lack of formal licensing from regional authorities poses ongoing concerns for the service’s broader adoption, even as consumers continue to use the internet solution.

FAQ Section:

Q: What main change is Starsat Africa bringing to Starlink service pricing?
A: Starsat Africa is reducing the price of Starlink satellite internet kits by approximately 20% in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Q: How has Starsat Africa achieved the ability to lower the prices?
A: The importer has secured bulk buying discounts from SpaceX.

Q: What will be the new price after the discount?
A: The price will drop from R14,999 to around R12,000 to R13,000.

Q: In how many Sub-Saharan African countries does Starsat Africa operate?
A: Starsat Africa operates in 17 Sub-Saharan African countries.

Q: Why are prices being realigned?
A: The aim is to make Starlink’s service more in line with what customers in the United States and the United Kingdom pay, and to enhance internet accessibility in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Q: What challenges is Starsat Africa currently facing?
A: Starsat Africa has a significant order backlog and is navigating regulatory hurdles in Southern Africa where Starlink’s legality is under question.

Q: When does Starsat Africa expect to resolve the order backlog?
A: They expect to resolve the backlog issue by March.

Q: What is the customer policy for new Starlink accounts with Starsat Africa?
A: Customers must adhere to a three-month period of service from Starsat Africa before gaining full control of their Starlink accounts.

Q: What warranty does Starsat Africa offer?
A: They offer a two-year warranty along with expedited delivery options.


Starlink: A satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX providing satellite Internet access coverage to the majority of the Earth.
Bulk Buying Discounts: Reduced pricing available to purchasers who buy in large quantities.
Regulatory Hurdles: Legal and bureaucratic barriers that businesses must overcome to operate in certain markets.
Grey Area: Undefined or unregulated situations where the rules are not clear or are disputed.

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