Report: Starlink Technologies Utilized by Russian Military in Occupied Regions

A recent report by Ukrainian intelligence disclosed that Russian military units are employing Starlink technology for communication within the occupied territories. The strategic use of these satellite terminals indicates their increasing integration into Russian military operations. According to Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, there is evidence suggesting that Starlink terminals, produced by SpaceX, are now regularly used by Russian forces, with specific instances involving the 83rd Air Assault Brigade.

SpaceX, the manufacturer of Starlink systems and led by Elon Musk, has provided support to Ukraine during the ongoing conflict. The company’s intent was to offer a reliable communication system for Ukrainian defensive measures. However, contrary to the company’s policy and public statements disavowing any direct or indirect sales to Russian military or government entities, intercepted communications have confirmed the use of Starlink devices by Russian troops.

SpaceX has been transparent about its intentions, reaffirming on social media platforms that the organization has no business relationships with the Russian government or military, and highlighting the absence of service activation within Russia’s borders. Furthermore, the company emphasized that it does not operate in Dubai, debunking the conjecture that Starlink terminals were being sourced there for Russian use.

In closing, any activation of Starlink technology by unauthorized parties, upon discovery, results in a thorough investigation by SpaceX, leading to the deactivation of the implicated terminals to enforce compliance with sanctions and company policies.

FAQ Section

1. What is Starlink technology and who produces it?
Starlink is a satellite communication system designed to provide high-speed internet access worldwide. It is produced by SpaceX, a private spaceflight company led by Elon Musk.

2. What has the Ukrainian intelligence reported about the use of Starlink technology?
Ukrainian intelligence has reported that Russian military units, specifically the 83rd Air Assault Brigade, are using Starlink technology for communications within occupied territories, indicating integration into their military operations.

3. What is SpaceX’s stance on the Russian military using their technology?
SpaceX has publicly disavowed any direct or indirect sales to the Russian military or government entities, and maintains that it has no business relationship with either. The company also confirmed that it does not operate in Dubai, countering claims about Russian acquisition of Starlink terminals from there.

4. What action does SpaceX take if unauthorized use of Starlink technology is discovered?
Upon discovering unauthorized use, SpaceX conducts a thorough investigation and deactivates the implicated terminals to ensure compliance with sanctions and company policies.


Starlink: A satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX providing satellite Internet access.
SpaceX: Space Exploration Technologies Corp., an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company.
Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence: The Ukrainian military intelligence body responsible for secret intelligence and protection of state secrecy.

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