CSL Launches Satellite Service for Uninterrupted Connectivity in Remote Areas

Summary: CSL has introduced CSL Satellite, leveraging Starlink’s low Earth orbit satellite technology to bring resilient connectivity to areas with poor or no mobile and broadband options. This solution includes 24/7 support and encrypted connections, catering to land and maritime needs. CSL’s new satellite offering delivers broader coverage with easy online setup, and is tailored to retail, hospitality, pop-up shops, and transportation industries through its various service plans.

CSL has expanded its Critical Connectivity solutions to ensure even the most remote or difficult areas have access to reliable communication channels. Its novel service, known simply as CSL Satellite, taps into the power of Starlink’s expansive satellite network. The move is designed to bridge the gap for customers operating beyond the reach of traditional connectivity infrastructure, which include mobile networks and fixed-line broadband.

A standout feature of the service is its adaptability, offering different plans that accommodate the diverse requirements of its clientele. Retailers, hospitality venues, and even temporary establishments, like pop-up stores, will find the provided options align well with their operational dynamics. Furthermore, customers with assets on the move, from commercial vehicles to ships, can rely on robust, uninterrupted communications.

Positioning itself at the forefront of satellite connectivity, CSL is building on a foundation of over a quarter-century of experience delivering vital connections for leading global brands. This strategic addition to its portfolio characterizes CSL’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to ensuring reliable, scalable, and secure communications for businesses, regardless of their geographical constraints.

FAQ about CSL Satellite Service

What is CSL Satellite?
CSL Satellite is a new connectivity solution that utilizes Starlink’s low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology to provide resilient and encrypted connectivity to areas with poor or non-existent mobile and broadband coverage.

Who is the service for?
The service is designed for various industries including retail, hospitality, transport, maritime, and temporary establishments such as pop-up shops that require reliable communication channels.

How does CSL Satellite differ from traditional connectivity infrastructure?
Unlike traditional mobile networks and fixed-line broadband, CSL Satellite can offer coverage in remote or difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring that businesses operating in these regions maintain robust communications.

Are there different service plans available?
Yes, CSL Satellite provides a range of service plans to meet the diverse needs of its customers. This tailored approach helps to accommodate the operational dynamics of different types of businesses and their assets.

What are the benefits of using CSL Satellite?
The benefits include 24/7 support, encrypted connections for secure communication, easy online setup, broader coverage, and uninterrupted service for assets on the move like commercial vehicles and ships.

What experience does CSL bring to satellite connectivity?
CSL has over 25 years of experience delivering critical connections for leading global brands. The introduction of CSL Satellite showcases CSL’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing reliable, scalable, and secure communications solutions.


Low Earth Orbit (LEO): Satellites that orbit relatively close to Earth, which in the context of communication networks, can reduce latency and improve internet speeds.
Encrypted Connections: Secure communication channels that protect data as it is transmitted, ensuring privacy and protection from interception.
Scalable: The ability of a service or network to handle a growing amount of work or to be expanded to accommodate growth.

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